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Excel Saga AMV

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The first few seconds are of a very low quality for some reason. This video is full of pointless violence, its silly and gruesome just like the Excel Saga. About 23MB. I'll post a higher quality version in a few weeks.

Most of the source came from discs 1 and 6, with selected scenes from 3, 4, and Puni Puni Poemi. The Nabeshin rampage in the bonus episode is one of my favorite parts in the series. I've always wanted to expand on it like I did towards the end of the AMV. For my first AMV I think it turned out very well.
I started making the AMV with a simple editor and had to export the project before I could test how it synced with the sound. I did 3/4 of the song (in 3 different files) before I got the Vegas Video editor. It also took me some time to extract sound from the DVD source. In order to reduce the video in size without causing pixelation I had to output it has a mpeg first and then convert it back to a avi.

Leave me feedback on AMV.org if you're a member.
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