Guma Kawauso (guma_kawauso) wrote in excelsaga,
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An Icon Concept. & Random Conversation

Hi. I just joined. Excel saga has been something I've enjoyed since I saw a leaked English copy at UshiCon01.

But anyway, I had a concept for an icon, but I lack the general skillz to create it. In one of the two last episodes, there's a scene with Pedro, his son and "sexy wife." Did anyone notice the white bunnies in the lower right hand corner of the screen!? And can anyone create an animated gif of that!

I have to say my favorite episode was "Going Too Far." It was just so delightfully tacky!

Though the Roppenmatsu stuff was an interesting twist as well. :-)

But another question, is there some RP on LJ for Excel Saga. I might not want to play, but I'm sure as "tea cakes" interested in watching. :-)
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